One Little C Healthy Snacks

One Little C Healthy Snacks

Freeze Dried Fruit

Freeze-Dried Fruits are one of the healthy snacks available in Malaysia. It involves a process which moisture is removes from the fresh fruits in -40 degrees Celsius. Firstly, the fresh fruits will be stored for freezing then followed by a process to extract frozen moisture known as sublimation during the freezing condition. The advantage of this process preserves the fruits freshness, colour, texture, taste and also nutrients at its best with a crunchy sensation. No sugar, colour or preservatives are added.

One Little C

Freeze Dried Healthy Snacks

One Little C Healthy Snacks

Yogurt Cube

Do you know that our body need at least 10 billion of probiotic per day? One Little C yogurt cube contains 4 Billion of probiotic. Probiotics are made up of good bacteria that helps keep your body healthy and working well.Through dehydrating yogurt by using Freeze drying technology, not only able to preserve yogurt for a longer period but also preserving its nutrients. Through consuming One Little C yogurt cube, It may enhance healthy gut bacteria

One Little C Healthy Snacks

Almond Date Balls

Extraordinary snowy and milky texture. Mixture of chewy and crunchy texture fulfilling your desire of snacks in one bite.  

Every single almond is freshly baked, combine with natural sweetness of red dates. If you love our snowflakes crisps. This will definitely be your next must buy snacks!

Creamy Peanut Butter

Introducing our smooth, spreadable, and absolutely nutty- Creamy Peanut Butter. Artisanally made through handpicked every single peanut before roasted.

You will definitely love its silky-smooth peanut butter texture. Can be used as/with bread spread, granola, overnight oat, and definitely a perfect match with granola and our roasted almond! 100% natural and no preservative added.


One Little C Healthy Snacks

Snowflakes Crisps

Fudgy, chewy and nougatty with surprising crunch flavours! One Little C introducing our -brand new product- Snowflakes Crisps. Freshly made daily by our professional pastry chef. There are 3 flavours included in each box which is Strawberry, Oreo and Cranberry. Snowflakes Crisps are now open for order!

One Little C

Our mission is simple; Share delicious snacks, Produce healthier snacks choice. One Little C your healthier snacks choice!