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frequently asked questions

1. Why One Little C Freeze Dried Food?

One Little C aims to produce healthy, delicious and convenient snacks. Our snacks is low in calories yet also tasty and convenient to consume.

2. What products we sell?

 Currently we have:


  • Freeze-Dried Fruit Series
    • Strawberry
    • Peach
    • Bayberry
  • Freeze-Dried Yogurt cube.
  • Snowflakes Cookies

3. What is the shelf life of One Little C products?

Through Freeze Drying method which removed the moisture of the products provide a longer shelf life.

Freeze Drying Fruits/Yogurt:

  • Best consume within 6 months

Snowflakes Cookies:

  • Best consume within 1 month

4. How to store our products?

To maintain the crunchiness of this product, it is recommended to be stored once received at freezer compartment for at least 30 minutes due to the warm climate of Malaysia.

5. Are One Little C Products Halal?

Our products are made by following every rules and regulation of Halal. We are currently still working on obtaining Halal certification.

6. When will it be shipped after I placed my order?

We will be shipping out all ready stock order in 1-3 working days.

7. Which Courier Service Provider One Little C use?

One Little C currently is using Pos Laju as our Courier Service Provider due to Pos Laju has the delivery widest range compare with others Courier Service Provider.

8. How long do delivery take?

To remind;
Delivery days is not control by One Little C. By Following Pos Laju services agreement. Order usually will takes 3-5 working days after we shipped out to arrive at your doorsteps.

9. Where can I find One Little C products?

We are now available online.
You can visit our official Website https://www.onelittlec.comstore or can get it from

10. Where do you deliver to?

We deliver nationwide in Malaysia and Singapore.

11.How to contact us?

Email us at or visit our instagram onelittle.c_