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One Little C Harvest Gift Set 小朋友大丰收礼盒


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2021 is the year of Ox. Along with the Chinese New Year, One Little C introduces the Chinese New Year Gift box which is full of sweet treats. Not only One Little C limited customize Ox’s meringue candy included in the box but also our every signature products!

In Box Included

  • Snowflakes Crisps x 1 pack
  • Customize Ox’s year Meringue candy x 1 bottle
  • Freeze Dried Yogurt x 1 pack
  • Choice of CNY cookies x1
  • 1 Pack Ang Pao (FREE)
  • Gift Box (FREE)
  • WM postage (FREE)

*Shipping fee will be charged as usual to any add-on products as our gift box is unable to fit in extra product.

*Pineapple tart is fragile, please choose other cookies as it will crush easily during delivery. 






Harvest Set Choice

Set 1:雪花酥&酸奶块&小牛琳糖&凤梨球, Set 3:雪花酥&酸奶块&小牛琳糖&Kuih Bangket