One Little C Healthy Snacks

Almond Dates Ball 杏仁奶球 (BIG)


One Little C introducing snowy and milky almond red dates balls. 

Big – 16 pieces each bottle

*2 pieces in one pack; 8 pack each bottle.

1. 100% handcrafted by our pastry chef.

2. Taste the fragrance of red dates and almonds in one bite.

3. Best combination of chewy but crispy snacks.

4. Best before: Consume within 1 month for best taste. Expiry: 3 months.

5. Freshly made upon order. 

6. Advice to keep in refrigerator.


One Little C 小朋友 特别推出 杏仁奶球

大包- 16 粒一罐

*2粒一包; 总共有9包一罐

1. 100% 纯手工制作

2. 精选红枣吃起来特别香醇


4. 根据订单每日新鲜制作。

5. 最佳食用期:1个月内食用以品尝最佳口感; 保质期: 3个月。


*Please note that our almond date balls are freshly made upon order, if products are on backorder, we will ship out the product in 4-7 working days.

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